What are your order minimums?

When ordering screen printed apparel, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of printing goes down as the quantity of shirts goes up. That means that big orders are a lot more cost effective for you. Our minimum order for screen printed apparel is 12 pieces (of each design). 


How much are your set up fees?

Free for all orders!


Can I mix and match shirt styles?

Absolutely! As long as you are printing the same design on all of the apparel, you can mix and match the style of shirt. For example, if you are printing a 1 colour design on 12 pieces of apparel you can print on 4 tshirts, 4 tanks and 4 hoodies. 


How do I keep my price down?

  • Prices per shirt go down as quantities go up, so increase your order to save money.

  • The apparel you choose to print your image on will have an affect on your overall price. 

  • Try to keep the number of print locations low. Instead of printing something on the front AND back of the shirt, just choose one location.

  • The number of colours being printed on your shirt greatly affects the price. If you’re printing a 5 colour image, but can get the same results with just 3 or 4, that will help decrease your final price.



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